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Importance of Career Counselling and Planning. In this fast paced competative world of new era, each and every step that we take has to be so calculated and that decides the future of every young individual – especially during the Senior Secodory and Under Graduate Levelof their studies.There is no space for learning whatever that comes by chance, as it was there in the traditional sort of ways or as it was on those earlier days. This is the juncture where a student has to decide on what he/she has to be and what he / she is made for; a juncture to chose a course f studies that mathes his/her own selfwhich will later make a student to fly high; and that’s why Career Councilling & Planning is so imporatnt.

A good career cuncilor can easily find out the talent and affinity of a student towards a particular field. He may effectively employ his tools like Councilling, special training or aptitude teast to let the student rediscover him/her self. Well known Animation Director and Writer Mr. Biju Bovard is a Career Councilor of highier calliber and he leads and conduct the Career Councilling and Training for each Students in SteerWings.