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What is nutrition ?
Nutrition is a well balanced food which contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to our body and not just filling our stomach.
Why is it necessary ?
It is necessary to keep our body and mind healthy and maintain a disease free life so it can save our life time savings thus we get peace of mind in our life.
Where do we get the correct information ?
All the information about the correct food and nutrition is from the authorised nutrition centres only.
What is BMI?
BMI (Body Mass Index) is the scientific way of calculating your correct weight according to our height.
What is body fat and body muscle ?
Body fat and body muscle is also important to check to prevent from gaining weight. Gaining weight is the result of depositing extra fat in our body.
What are the other parameters?
There are other parameters too we should know atleast we should be aware of the necessary parmeters.
Is dieting is good to control good health ?
No, it is not advisable. The result may be temporary. Some times it can have adverse effect. So it is better to be avoided.
Is it beneficial to both male and female. ?
Yes, Of course, it is equally good for male and female also children
Is this product has any side effect ?
No, it is tried and tested. It is existed in the last 30 to 40 years and also it is using more than 80 countries. So far no any side effect reported.
Is this useful for diabetic patients ?
Yes, with no doubt. Not only diabetic patients other patients with sodium and Thyroid. This is suggested for such persons too.
Is it costly ?
It is comparatively less expensive and affordable.
Is it necessary to consume for entire life?
Not necessary, once you achieve the desire level you can discontinue but one should follow the instruction from the authorised nutrition centre for better results.
The root cause of the illness is mainly from the food intake. Please avoid such junk foods.
Remember – The good food itself is the good medicine

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